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Goel Community is a Christian based community development organization that aims to provide economic opportunities and sharing good news to the poor provincial villages in Cambodia.

History & Philosophy

GOEL Community was established in Cambodia in 2006 with the mission of providing economic opportunities and spiritual guidance to the poor provincial villages in Cambodia. GOEL Community started its first mission by reviving natural dye and weaving skills and teaching young and committed Cambodian students from Takeo province.

Takeo province has long been home to the Cambodia traditional textile industry for many generations. In Cambodian textile history, most of the weaving families have been located in Bati, Saomraong and prey Kbba districts of Takeo. There are about 4,700 families currently working in the Cambodian traditional textile industry in Takeo and their homes are mostly located in these three districts.

Years of tragic civil war not only destroyed a quarter of the population but also most of Cambodia’s valuable traditional heritage. Natural dye and weaving skills are one of those precious traditions that need to be revived.


Scarves and clothing made with silk or cotton

Contact details

Contact person: Han Jung-min (Director)
Address: #206B, St. 12 BT, Bung Tum Pung, Mean Chey, Phnom Penh

Phone: English (+855) 17 444 010; Khmer (+855) 70 444 010
Email: goelplus@gmail.com

Website: www.goelcommunity.org

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