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Our vision is to bring meaning to the lives of people in small villages, to nurture their worth as persons and to help them realise their potential and purpose in life. VillageWorks’ strategy is to organize, equip and inspire the villagers to produce quality handicraft works for the global marketplace.

History and Philosophy

VillageWorks was conceived by the Girls’ Brigade Singapore, an international Christian organization based in Singapore. VillageWorks began working in a small village in Baray District, Kompong Thom Province, in 2001.

VillageWorks is more than handicrafts. The essence is really building the lives of the villagers. Behind every piece of work, you get the whole person and his/her family, more than what you see, more than the hands that made the product. We invite our supporters to join us and be engaged in building lives. Your support helps the villagers break free from their poverty cycle, and find ‘Songkhem’ (hope) in life.


Silk and Cotton fashion accessories, Home decor, Coconut and wood gift items.  


Contact details

Contact Person: Ms Norm Bunak - General Manager
Address: #118, St. 113/330, Beong Keong Kong III, Phnom Penh
(in front of Toul Sleng Museum)

Tel: (+855) 23 215 732
Email: anak@villageworks.biz

Website: www.villageworks.biz